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Actually, that is not me. Most can only wish for the smoothness and panache possessed by that inimitable comic genius and all-around groovy guy Freddie “Boom Boom” Washington and, alas, I am one of those masses, simply getting by and trying to hold my own amongst such stallions.

My nom de plume is Arod McFoolish, and here you will find news and pigheaded commentary on the many “Things What I Like.” My residence in the Land of the Fish is now over three years old (that’s enough time for “lifer” status, right?), and I wish to share with you, my loyal legions of readers (Hi Mom!), my musings on musics, flicks, design jazz, the neighborhood, its haunts, stomping grounds, watering holes, wares and such, as well as my usual brand of thoughts on all things.

So relax. Sit on your stoop. Have a cup ‘a joe. And subscribe to my blog, so I can feel better and more self-important about myself. You’ve stumbled onto this site, and therefore owe me as much. Seriously. Please.

I have begun posting my Year of the Rabbit: Things What I liked in 2011 series with the Best Jawns, #50-26 and #25-1. Stay tuned for more such nonsense.

Take a browse through some of my old posts from The Pennypack Beer Distributor Times, and anxiously await the upcoming Fishtonian features, such as:

  • The Fishtonian Repository – Home of Fishtonian Merchandising Merchandising Merchandising: where the REAL money from the blog is made!
  • Fishtonian Foodstuffs – Reviews of the best eateries and drinkeries in the land
  • Albums of the Week – Weekly reviews of new music releases
  • Hardcore Barely Legal Videos – Watch Tawny and her friends get into some naughty business at her first sleepover when an impromptu pillow fight blossoms into a filthy fest of felching and fist–

Ignore that last comment.

Anywho, let’s on with it! And remember…

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