I’m Arod McFoolish. Aaaaaaaaand…

I like hubcaps, I like laundry, I like waffles, I like antfarms, I like recess, picnics, and eatin’ pork and beans. I like tinfoil and bowties, I like cardboard and moon pies. When I’m soaking in the bathtub, I like shootin’ submarines. Shootin’ submarines. I like Snoopy, I like Droopy, I like Charles Nelson Reilly, I like Hee-Haw, Fat Albert, and I also like corn. I like cornflakes, corndogs, I like corn bread and cornstarch, I like the band Korn and popcorn, I like all kinds of corn. ALL KINDS OF CORN!

I like eggrolls and crab rolls, crab legs, but not frog legs, I like duck sauce with duct tape and jumping on the bed. I like Popeye, Pipeye, Popeye Poopeye Peepeye, Olive Oyl and Bluto, and falling on my head. Falling on my head. I like throwing spaghetti at Bigfoot and Yeti, I like Veronica and Betty, don’t call me Jughead! I like gumballs and rumballs, I like cheeseballs and cheesecake, I like pineapple upside-down cake, why’s it upside-down? WHY’S IT UPSIDE-DOWN?